TV Show Appearances

Andrew talking for the Department of Social Services "Stop it at the Start" campaign

Andrew talking at 17 seconds and 1 min 39 seconds

Andrew talking at 1 min 26 sec
Andrew talking at 1 min 20 sec
Andrew talking at 49 sec
Andrew on Studio 10 being interviewed about how to talk to your kids about the Texas school shooting - May 2022
 Andrew talking at 60 seconds and 118 seconds
Andrew on the Today Show being interviewed about Flexible School Hours - Mar 2023
 Andrew talking @ 35 sec and 1 min 46 sec

Parents And Police On Edge As Trend Sees Teens Staging Fights To Put On Social Media

Interview on The Project - April 2023

Andrew talking @ 1min 53sec and 2 min 09 sec

Andrew on The Morning Show talking about Overbearing Parents

Screentime Might Be OK For Kids, Experts Say.

Interview on The Project - Nov 2023 

Andrew is talking at 1min 2 sec; 1min 18 sec and 1 min 36 sec