Being Comfortably Uncomfortable Podcast

with Andrew Greenfield - Child & Educational Psychologist

In each episode we discuss various topics including anxiety, ADHD, psychometric assessments, behaviour management and parenting challenges. The Podcast is designed to educate, inform, debate and even raise questions about various topics that Andrew Greenfield, Child & Educational Psychologist discusses with his clients on a day to day basis.

The term 'comfortably uncomfortable' refers to the idea of being in a situation that challenges or pushes someone out of his or her comfort zone, but in a way that is manageable and ultimately beneficial. It relies on one's ability and willingness to embrace unfamiliar, challenging or uncertain situations as opportunities for growth and learning.

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Episode 1 - Navigating Behaviour Management

Struggling to decipher your child's behaviour? Join Andrew Greenfield as he dives into the fascinating world of positive behaviour management. We'll explore different parenting styles, tackle the challenges, and unlock the secrets of clear instructions and mindful patience. Plus, learn how to measure success YOUR way, because let's face it, every family's symphony plays a unique tune!

Episode 2 - Secrets to Positive Behaviour Management

Lost in the winding paths of parenthood? This episode unlocks your inner expert on guiding little explorers. We ditch the power struggles and delve into the secrets of positive behaviour management: crafting clear communication bridges, setting firm yet flexible boundaries, and tailoring your approach like a master mapmaker. Learn to listen actively, embrace respect, and celebrate each step in this shared adventure. The parenting maze isn't about avoiding twists and turns, but navigating them together with love and understanding. So grab your torches of patience and buckle up for an unforgettable journey into the heart of your child's world!

Episode 3 - Understanding Psychometric Assessments

Curious about the hidden depths of your mind? Join us as we uncover the captivating world of psychometric assessments—instruments that illuminate your cognitive abilities and achievements. Discover how these assessments can chart your learning path, highlight career-aligned skills, and unlock a treasure trove of self-awareness. Embrace the journey—psychometric assessments aren't about limitations; they're about igniting your boundless potential.

Episode 4 - ADHD Decoded: Diagnosis, Strategies & Creating Supportive Environments

We delve into Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ‘ADHD’. This episode explores diagnosis, practical strategies for managing symptoms, and creating supportive environments for children with ADHD. We'll discuss different types of ADHD, the importance of realistic expectations, and setting achievable goals. Whether you're a parent, educator, or simply curious about ADHD, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable tips. Tune in and join the conversation!

Episode 5 - ADHD and Coping Mechanisms

From diagnosis to daily life, We equip you with tools and understanding to support your child's journey with ADHD This episode dives into the importance of understanding individual learning styles and tailoring strategies through psychometric assessments. Discover practical tips for managing attention, focus, and engagement, creating a supportive and inclusive environment wherever your child interacts. Whether you are a parent, educator, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable tools.

Episode 6 - Anxiety/Emotional Dysregulation

Beyond a nervous tummy, discover the diverse realities of childhood anxiety and empower your child to thrive as we shine a light on childhood anxiety in this insightful episode. Discover how to navigate those jittery nerves and unlock the power of being Comfortably Uncomfortable. Learn to turn worries into stepping stones, not stumbling blocks, by understanding the impact of anxiety and empowering your child to rise above it. This isn't just understanding, it's action - a roadmap to resilience and growth for children and the adults who love them. Build a supportive community, and watch your child emerge stronger, one anxious thought at a time.