Posted on 5 February 2020

After getting used to late nights, sleeping in, playdates, travelling and generally fewer commitments, both children and their parents have had to settle back into the new routine of school and extra curricula activities. The first few weeks or even months can often be a difficult transitioning period and there are some things parents can think about to help prepare their children.

Communicate with your child

Communication involves talking, giving advice and informing as well as being a good listener. Listen to your child and discuss how they feel about going to school. They may be excited, anxious, concerned, hesitant, lonely, melancholic, the important thing is to let them know you are there for them without judgement. Establish a rapport with your child's teacher(s) and hopefully they will be willing to communicate with you throughout the year to monitor how your child is going academically, socially and emotionally.

Make sure your child is organised

Make sure your child is on time for school in the morning, has all necessary equipment and has a relaxed, organised start from home. Help them read timetables and organise their day by talking through a typical day and where they need to be. Involve your child in getting their belongings for the day or week rather than doing things for them. Perhaps draw up a list on a whiteboard of what to take and when, who is taking your child to school and picking them up, and then tick things off.

Manage social adjustment

It can often take time to get to know your new classmates. Discuss with your child that making friends may take time and that they need to be patient as well as proactive when making friends. Let them know that friendships often change and encourage your child not to take it personally when this happens. Be optimistic in your outlook and reassure them that new friends will come along.