Smart Parenting Summit

I have been asked to be part of the upcoming Smart Parent Summit to be held online from 2 - 4 September 2020. The summit aims to bring presentations from around the world for an evidenced-based online conference event for parents of young children. There is an endless amount of noise for parents in the online world which range from confusing and conflicting information through to irrational and dangerous advice. It is almost impossible for parents to navigate through the barrage of information to find sensible advice which has a scientific or empirical basis. This summit event aims to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the parents seeking sensible advice.

My session will be on School Readiness and 'How to determine if your child is ready for school'.

If you are interested in my session you can register via the following link;

Please contact us on 02 8542 1524 to make an appointment or via our contact us page.